Submnission of abstracts

Abstract submission deadline extended to June 9, 2019.

The abstracts received after June 9, 2019, will not be accepted for consideration.


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Authors submit abstracts   through the form on this page, or   on   email address In case you need further assistance, please contact us by e-mail. It is strongly recommended that you carefully check the spelling to avoid mistakes. Note that the abstracts will be published in the form in which they are sent. Do not delete emails with confirmation received after submitting abstracts.

Only original scientific materials that have not been previously published are accepted.

Authors can submit more than one abstract.

Abstracts can be submitted in Russian/English.


Make abstract as informative as possible. The conclusions must be confirmed by the data. The abstract text should be organized as follows:
(a) objectives,
(b) methods,
(c) results,
(d) conclusions.

Use standard abbreviations and generic drug names. Use parentheses for unusual abbreviations or abbreviations at first reference. Do not specify the author(s) or institution(s) in the text.



  • The number of words is 250.
  • The names of the author and co-authors, institutions, cities and countries should be indicated in the appropriate boxes. Please indicate the author's surname and initials (authors). Do not specify degrees or titles (Dr., PhD., Prof., MD, etc.)


  • Malformations of the nervous system (neurogenetics, classification, epidemiology, etiological treatment, new technologies, verification of the diagnosis of treatment)

  • Perinatal neurosurgery (fetal surgery, perinatal, intrapartum, postnatal diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical pathology in children)

  • Problems of pediatric neurooncology

  • Functional and reconstructive pediatric neurosurgery

  • Cerebrovascular pathology in children
  • Pediatric brain injury (TBI)

  • Current issues in the history of ethics, dentistry of pediatric neurosurgery

  • Miscellaneous

After submitting abstracts, the authors receive a letter on the acceptance of the abstract for consideration by e-mail. If you did not receive a confirmation letter, please contact the Organizing Secretariat by mail at

The abstract authors who submitted the application will receive a second letter stating whether the abstract was accepted for publication until June 15, 2019.